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Courtlook Subscription
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 Courtlook Overview:
A Courtlook subscription lets attorneys and their staff access info compiled from every case on which an attorney is listed by the court. This enables useful features such as:
  • 24/7 case file access in courts which offer Documents to the attorney of record (attorney accounts only)
  • Calendar feeds to automatically sync all hearings on one or more attorney schedules right into Outlook and other calendar tools.
The service also lets you:
  • NEW! Subscribe to receive automatic e-mails whenever the case is updated by the court, at no additional cost, using our Case Watch service. Just click Subscribe to Case button on the Case Information page.
  • Search across 80+ Illinois courts with one name or case search.

Visit to learn how Courtlook can help attorneys, admin staff and judges, then sign up for a live online demo webinar if you want to know even more.

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  • Access to each court's data is FREE as a public service from each court's website. See Courts.
  • Subscribe to access all participating courts' data from a single website.

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