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How to Advertise on

  • Step 1: Create your advertisement

    Create your advertisement using our online advertisement creation tool. You'll be able to see a 'live' preview of your advertisement during the process.

    Don't forget to read our advertising guidelines and make sure your advertisement does not violate them.

  • Step 2: Decide where you want your advertisement to appear

    Choose the county and case type where your advertisement will appear. The price for the selected advertisement placement will be displayed. Additional counties and/or case types can be selected for more visibility.

  • Step 3: Submit your advertisement for approval

    Create or log in to your user account, enter your billing information and submit your advertisement for approval.

  • Step 4: Advertisement approval will review your advertisement to ensure that it meets our advertising guidelines. Once your advertisement is approved, your credit card will be billed and your advertisement will start appearing on in your chosen area(s).

  • Step 5: Your Advertisement appears on

    When people search in the counties in which you advertise, your advertisement will appear on the search results page, in rotation with other ads. If you specified a case type, users will see your advertisement (in rotation) when they click on a case information page for the case type(s) you specified.

  • Step 6: Attract clients users can contact you or visit your website after viewing your advertising.

Costs and payments:

  • Pay monthly.

    Your advertisement will appear on a rotating basis with other advertisers for 30 days. The price of advertising on is determined by the number of page views and the number of advertisment placements for each county and each case type.

  • Plan ahead.

    You can purchase up to 6 months at a time for each advertisement placement to lock in the current price.

  • No charge unless and until your advertisement is approved. requires a payment authorization for at least one advertisement placement when submitting an initial advertisement for approval. The authorized credit card payment will not be billed unless your advertisement is approved.

    Should your advertisement be denied, the payment authorization will be voided and you will receive an email indicating why your advertisement was not approved.

  • Create as many advertisements as you wish.

    Purchase additional advertisements for more visibility on They will appear in the advertisement rotation more often.

  • Promote public services for free.

    Non-profit companies may be eligible for free advertising on Learn more...

Need more information? View our Advertising FAQ .

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