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Rock Island County, IL

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Search Hints

  • You must enter the entire case number, no dashes, spaces or other punctuation.
  • Wildcard searches are not allowed in the case field.
  • 1999CF21 would return case number 1999CF21
  • Must be at least 3 letters long. If searching for a two-letter last name, use the comma as the third letter.
  • The format is Last name, First name MI
  • Capitalization does not matter
  • Partial/wildcard searches are allowed
  • smith, j or smith, j* would return Smith, Jim and Smith, James
  • jones, terr? would return Jones, Terry and Jones, Terri
  • power?,* would return people with the last name Power and Powers, but not Powerson
  • power or power* would return Power, Powers, AND Powerson
Charge Text:
  • Must be used as part of a multi-field search.
Multi-field searches:
  • Two or more of the search fields can be combined
  • 'jones, james c' in the Name field and 'driving while suspended' in the charge text will return all cases for a person of that name where the charge is driving while suspended.
Viewing hints:
  • To sort the search results by any column, click on the column heading. Click again to toggle between ascending and descending sorts.
  • For a single case- click on the case number
  • For a list of all cases for a particular name - click on the name